Global Navigation Satellite System

Software Defined Receiver

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  • The process of developing a GNSS software receiver

    GNSS-SDR is an open-source GNSS software receiver freely available to the research community. This project provides a common framework for GNSS signal processing which can operate in a variety of computer platforms. This tool is intended to foster collaboration, increase awareness, and reduce development costs in the field of GNSS receiver design and customized use of GNSS signals.


  • A research & educational tool

    GNSS-SDR source code can be easily accessed and analyzed to understand GNSS receiver technology, being very useful in the context of education. It shows how signals are processed while passing through the different modules. For researchers, it is a perfect tool for testing, comparing and benchmarking new algorithms, easily integrating them in a complete receiver.

  • How to collaborate in the project

    GNSS-SDR offers a set of professional, efficient and easy–to–use tools that allow collaborative research in an effective way. GNSS receiver design is a hot, active topic, where feedback among users and developers and infrastructure for code development are of paramount importance. Learn more about how YOU can collaborate in the project and benefit from the community work!